Our SITE VISIT & DESIGN ADVICE is a great place to start.

Our Architect will carry out some initial research on your property then visit your property, view it, review any available property information, listen and talk to you about your project intentions, then give you some great design ideas to get your project started.

Save money and time. Get some certainty about your project.

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Come to our office, bring the documents of the building you are planning. Our Registered Architect will listen and talk about your project objectives and give you some good design thoughts to get your project happening.

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For great creative architectural design ideas, keep up with the latest building news.

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Our collaborative architects creative design services are in three straightforward stress free stages to minimize your risk and to help you make decisions: design; documentation and construction.


In the Design Stage we thoroughly establish your design requirements and undertake an in-depth on-site investigation of your property. We find all the critical information about your property and through specific consultation with our Local Authority and Construction Industry contacts we get you the right facts first. This stage is when the creativity, architecture and bright ideas happen and through our design exploration techniques, the best possible Concept Design solution is discovered. With your valuable input the exciting Concept Design that emerges is developed in ready for the construction documentation.


Our practical knowledge of the regulations and construction are applied in the Documentation Stage where we prepare accurate detail working drawings, descriptive specifications, right down to selecting the materials and finishes, so that the Builder can easily build your project, and so it will comply. We attend to the paperwork for any Resource and Building Consents Applications. When required we have a great team of Consultants and Specialists that are readily available to provide high-quality technical advice for your project. To put your mind at ease the all important construction contract, budget and program are establishment by our rigorous Tender Negotiation process before starting the construction.


This is another decision laden stage, but you can relax. Working closely with you and the Builder we skillfully manage your project during the Construction Stage. We provide advice about construction matters, resolve tricky building and compliance issues, hold regular site meetings, review shop drawings, review samples, and consider any submissions to use alternative materials, frequently inspect the work quality, monitor and process building costs. Our quality control procedures ensure that all building defects are rectified, that you will get written warrantees for the work and that a Local Authority Code Compliance Certificate is issued for the finished project.

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