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Aqua House: The Ebook
Aqua House: The Ebook
This e-book, aimed at reducing water pollution, is about creative new green ways to integrate water and buildings. In the e-book, research shows that modern houses celebrate water, but at the same time waste water, and environmental friendly buildings save water, but fail to acknowledge water’s beauty. To achieve both in one building, water’s appreciation and reducing waste water, the author designed a green house he called the Aqua House and explains the how the house integrates water and reduces the pollution of water. For example: there’s an internal pool for swimming, that is used to store harvested rainwater, which then supplies water to the bathrooms; and to keep the water clean, so it can be used to supply the plumbing fixtures, it flows through the house in a series of waterfalls and fountains, similar to the Hydrologic Cycle. It’s a really inspirational green house and the e-book about it which is in PDF format includes full-color plans, diagrams and photographs.
To find out more about Aqua House: The Ebook, you can download for free the Aqua House: The Ebook covers and contents.
Aqua House: The Ebook Information and Chapters
The Aqua House: The Ebook was published in 2010, it has 9 chapters
1 Introduction (pages 4-7); 2 ARCHITECTURE WATER CRISIS (pages 8-11): 3 CRICTICAL / BEAUTIFUL WATER (pages 12-17); 4 CELEBRATORY / CONTAMINATING ARCHITECTURE (pages 18-21); 5 WATER ARCHITECTURE SOLUTIONS (pages 22-23); INTEGRATED WATER ARCHITECTURE (pages 24-59); 7 Conclusion (pages 60-61); 8 Bibliography (pages 62-67); 9 Appendices (pages 68-71).
Aqua House Books & Articles Benefits
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aqua House: The Ebook is a full colour electronic publication, chapters can be individually purchased, so you only buy the chapters you want to read.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aqua House, is a black and white paperback publication by VDM in 2008, so you can own a copy of the original too.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Plumbing Can Be Beautiful, is a blog about Aqua House, you can find out more before you buy.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Life Aquatic, is an article about Aqua House, you can find out more before you buy.

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